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Release Date: February 2010

Klemsan Electric and Electronics, Inc

Ewing Components, Inc. is an authorized stocking distributor for Klemsan Electric and Electronics, Inc. We are experts when it comes to your DIN Rail and Terminal Block needs we have over 20 years experience with DIN Rails and Inside panel needs. We stock DIN Rails, Terminal Blocks, Signal Conditioners, Wire Ducts and Accessories.

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KLEMSAN ELECTRIC ELECTRONICS INC. was established in 1974. KLEMSAN is the first and the only manufacturer of DIN Rail Terminal Blocks in Turkey, it has a wide product portfolio, inside panel components, signal conditioners, electronic and automation modules, marking systems... etc

KLEMSAN, as an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified manufacturer, offers a comprehensive product portfolio that complies with IEC directives and carries the VDE, ATEX, CE, UL, cUL, CSA, DNV and GOST-R approvals as a global passport to the international markets.


Terminal Blocks and Accessories

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are components and systems the main function of which is to ensure safe and secure electrical and mechanical conductor connections. The term covers all conceivable types, designs and forms of connection. Screw Clamp Rail Terminals, Spring Clamp Rail Terminals, and Practical Terminal Blocks.

Other Terminals

Transformer Terminal Blocks, Plug and Socket Terminals, Terminal Strips, Junction Box Terminals, Clamping Yokes and Accessories.

Cable Ties and Tie Mounts

UL approved cable ties and tie mounts are produced from Polyamide 6.6 and used for fixing and grouping cables inside the panel.

Wire Ducts and Accessories

UL, CSA and VDE approved wiring ducts and accessories.

End Sleeves

Insulated and uninsulated standard and twin cord end sleeves.

Insulated Terminals

UL and CSA approved Insulated Terminals are made of E-Cu with tin - plating. Insulation parts are made of PVC

Marking Systems

Marking system is designed to solve the marking problem of all the components inside the switchboard.

Flexible Conduits and Connectors

UL approved flexible conduits and accessories used for insulating and mechanical rotection of cables in the electrical installation of machines, industrial equipment and automation.

Multipole Industrial Connectors

The multipole connectors for industrial purposes are used in electric and electronic machinery, robots, electric panels, control equipments and wherever connections are required for power, control and signal circuits.



Power Factor Controller

REMO-Q is a reactive power control relay designed to perform reactive power compensation by automatically controlling capacitor banks. Control operation is performed by switching between capacitor banks to reach the target CosØ which is determined by user.

Energy Analyser

REMO-EA is a multifunctional measuring device with high accuracy which is suitable for measurement, storage and supervision of all electrical quantities.

Electronic Multimeter

REMO-MM is an electrical multimeter designed as a multifunctional measuring device with high accuracy for measurement of all electrical parameters.

Monitoring-Control Relays

Standard and configurable motor protection relays,voltage monitoring relays, timers,frequency monitoring  relays, photocell relays.

Signal Converters

Pt100, T/C, DC Analog Signal, AC Current-Voltage, Pot, mV conversions. Current and Voltage analog signal outputs Configuration by DIP Switch and PC % 0,1 Transmission Error.

Power Transducers

Active Power, Reactive Power, Transmission Line Frequency, Power factor conversions. Current and Voltage Analog Signal Outputs. IEC 60688 class 0,1 ( % 0,1 transmission error ).
Universal AC/DC power input.

Communication and Displays

ES17 Ethernet Serial Gateway, RS17 Isolating RS232 - RS485 Converter

Flow Computers

Advanced, high accuracy, single stream flow computer specially designed to meet the emerging requirements of gas distribution utilities. It defines a new standard for ease of use while delivering unmatched levels of performance and flexibility.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Standard and Managed Ethernet Switches IGMP, SNMP ve OPC support ATEX Zone 2, Category 3G, EEx Mark NEMA TS1/TS2 compatible, UL, CE American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Approval

Power Supplies

24 V DC, can be mounted on rail. UL / cUL / TUV / CE Short circuit protection Active PFC, parallel function (Switch)

Signal Modules

Standard Signal Modules and Signal Modules with led provide warning light signal in the transformer units, panelboards, control panels and wherever needed.

Electronic Modules and Accessories

Electronic and PCB connection terminal Blocks, Opto-Coupler, Diod, Lamb Test, Interface and Relay Modules.




Klemsan Distributor DIN Rails and Terminal Blocks in stock, Ewing Components Franchised Distributor. Call us 877.394.6489 or to request a quote by email click here.



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