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Release Date: February 2010

Renata Batteries

Ewing Components, Inc. is an authorized stocking distributor for Renata Batteries. We are experts when it comes to your battery needs we have over 20 years experience with Batteries and your battery needs. We stock Lithium, Coin Cell, Alkaline and rechargable. Also, if you have a battery pack need standard or custom contact us we can do battery packs in house for your specific needs.

See links below to download data sheets and battery information.

Phone: 877.394.6489

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Renata Batteries Leader in production technology of coin cells, Is one of the 3 largest producers of coin cells worldwide, In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and produce innovative, reasonably priced, environmentally friendly and high-quality solutions for wrist watches and industrial applications. Our processes are continuously improved to achieve the high quality expected by our customers.

Renata has set a benchmark for the industry with its new concept and outstanding quality of 0% Hg silver oxide coin cells.


3V Lithium Coin Cells

Renata’s long life range of 3V Li/MnO2 coin cells

Tabbed Lithium Coin Cells

Tabbed 3V Lithium coin cell battery solutions for horizontal and vertical mounting

Encapsulated Batteries (Power Modules)

Hermetically sealed 3V Lithium coin cell batteries for maximum protection against harsh environmental conditions

Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries

Standard range of rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Silver Oxide Coin Cells

1.55V Ag2O coin cell solutions for industrial or medical applications

Battery Holders

Wide range of holders for surface mounting and through hole mounting

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Renata Distributor Batteries and Battery packs in stock, Ewing Components Franchised Distributor.

Call us 877.394.6489 or to request a quote by email click here.



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