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Release Date: February 2010

KANTHAL / SANDVIK Globar Sandvik

Sandvik is a high technology, engineering group that’s operations are based on unique expertise in material technology and extensive insight into customer processes. Being a leading developer and producer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys, titanium and other high-performance materials, they have made their name in the industry. The Sandvik program includes a wide range of products for heating related applications and thermal processing.

Kanthal is the brand for Sandvik's heating technology products, used primarily for generation, measurement and control of heat in industrial furnaces and home appliances. They are the global leader in resistors, super capacitors, maxcap double layer capacitor, ultra capacitor and electric heating element for high performance applications. Kanthal aims to be nearest to its customers for which it has located several distributors across various places.

Ewing Components, Inc. has been a stocking distributor for Sandvik Kanthal for more than 10 years and can help you with all your power and protection needs. Call us with your needs and we will assure that all your requirements related to high voltage resistors, high power resistors, non-inductive resistors, tubular resistors, axial leaded resistors, slab resistors, ultracapacitors, supercaps and supercpacitors get fulfilled in the shortest time possible.

Supercaps & Resistors

  Maxcap Double Layer Capacitor Applications

 Commonly known as "Ultracapacitors", "Supercaps" or "Supercapacitors" providing back up power for:

  • CMOS RAMs and Microprocessors
  • Timers for Integrated Circuits
  • Wireless Data Pulses
  • Relays
  • Solenoids
  • Small Motors
  • Alarms
  • Traffic Control
  • UPS Systems
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar Power

High Energy Density Capacitors for Backup Power

  • NEW! One Farad in a 0.65" x 0.75" Package
  • NEW! Up to 5.6 Farads in a Single 5.5 Volt Package
  • NEW! Up to 5.0 Farad in a Single 11.0 Volt Package
  • NEW! Surface mount package

Maxcap® double layer capacitors, Supercaps, Supercapacitors, and Ultracapacitors are a new electric energy storage device with:

  • Extremely high volumetric efficiency (over 5.5 farads/in3)
  • Virtually unlimited service life
  • Fast/charge discharge capability
  • Very low leakage current.
  • Wide operating temperature range, including -40°C to +85°C (LT & LJ Series)

A Maxcap Double Layer Capacitor (commonly known as supercaps, supercapacitors, or ultracapacitors) are the size of a thimble and will support micro-amp data retention currents of CMOS RAMs for up to several weeks. Microprocessors, small motors and activators having current requirements from one to several hundred milliamps can be supported from several seconds to minutes.

Key Features
  • Very High Capacity in Small Size
    Up to 100 times that of conventional capacitors. Circuit board space and equipment size can be reduced.
  • Useful Voltage Ratings:
    3.5 & 5.5 volt - Ideal for CMOS operating voltage range.11 volt - LV Series, backup for relays, actuators, small motors.
  • Full Range of Sizes
    From 0.01 to 5.6 farads @ 5.5 volts; 0.47, 1.0 & 5.0 farads @ 11 volts.
  • Low Profile
    With LP, LK & LJ series.
  • Ultra Long Life
    Unlike batteries, Maxcap LDCs have no parasitic chemical reactions. They can be fully charged and discharged indefinitely. There is no memory effect.
  • Maintenance Free
    Maxcap DLCs can be placed in remote locations and require no access ports. Warranty claims are minimized.
  • Nonpolar
    Assembly errors and costs are minimized.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
    -40 to +85°C LJ & LT Series; -25 to +70°C LP. LC, LK, LF, LV, LX Series
  • Simple, Low Cost Circuitry
    Since Maxcap DLCs do not require current limiting resistors or over-voltage protection, component costs and assembly time are reduced.
  • Safer Than Batteries
    These capacitors will not explode or be damaged if short circuited. They can be installed with wave soldering equipment or surface mount package with IR or vapor phase reflow equipment

Product Selection: Maxcap Capacitors

Download Maxcap® Double Layer Capacitors Datasheet (PDF)

View the Capacitor Selection Guide

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Globar Bulk Ceramic Resistor Applications

  • Soft Start Resistors
  • In Rush Current Limit Resistors
  • Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Power Resistors
  • High Voltage Resistors
  • Snubber Resistors
  • Transformer Protection Resistors
  • Capacitor Bank Charge or Discharge Resistors
  • RF Load Resistors
  • Chopper Resistors
  • Wave Form Test Resistors
  • Inverter / Rectifier Resistors
  • Carbon Comp Replacement Resistors

When traditional resistors just won't do for your tough design problem, Kanthal Globar bulk ceramic non-inductive resistors offer the solution. We offer a full line of rugged, reliable bulk ceramic resistors - including custom designs - to meet the high voltage, high energy energy requirements of the most demanding applications.

Key Applications

  • Capacitor Charge Resistor
  • Capacitor Discharge Resistor
  • Snubber Resistors
  • In-Rush Current Limit Resistor
  • Soft Start Resistor
  • High Power Resistor
  • High Voltage Resistor
  • Dynamic Braking Resistor
  • RF Dummy Load Resistor
  • Test Load Resistors
  • Inverter Resistors
  • Rectifier Resistors
  • Power Converter Resistors
  • Transformer Protection Resistors
  • Harmonic Filter Resistor
  • Chopper Resistor
  • Carbon Comp Replacement Resistor
  • Pulse Wave Form Load Resistor
  • Relay Protection Resistors

Product Selection: Globar Bulk Ceramic Resistors

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Furnace products and heating systems

The Kanthal program includes products for many types of heat treatment processes for steel, aluminium and other metallic materials. Our products are widely used in, for example:

Kanthal products are designed for extremely high temperatures in reducing (carburizing and nitriding), neutral and oxidizing atmospheres, contributing to maximized heat flux and reduction of process time. Kanthal heating elements, for example, are designed to operate at up to 1850°C (3360°F).

Sandvik’s unique competence in three core areas of tooling, mining and construction and material technology has resulted in its leading position in the market. Sandvik can help you with all from improving productivity, optimizing the quality of your end product to design an entirely new heating solution. From idea generation and product design to detail engineering, Sandvik has a record of producing new products and heating solutions. As per your requirements, Sandvik can also help you to create products optimized for your process. Their main motto is to improve productivity while reducing costs.

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Your Kanthal Stocking Distributor of Supercaps and Resistors

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